Paul Craine

Candidate for Middle, Isle of Man House of Keys election 2016

Three weeks to go before the election.

I have visited around 1,400 houses over the past 7 weeks. Perhaps 40% of those houses had no-one at home – but that still leaves an enormous number of houses where I have enjoyed hearing the views of the residents of Braddan, Santon and Marown. It is a huge privilege to be a candidate for the House of Keys election. I have been politely received at all except perhaps half a dozen houses and I am genuinely grateful for that. Many people have offered insights into aspects of life and politics that I have not previously heard or considered. I have learnt an enormous amount. Some people have shared intensely personal stories of family life and health.

I have been acutely aware that the concerns of residents are considerable – and that their expectations are high.

The ‘word cloud’ (or Wordle diagram) below is an attempt to capture the conversations that have taken place as I have called at people’s homes. It provides a subjective overview of topics that have been raised most regularly by Middle residents on the doorstep. The larger the lettering, the more times the topic has been raised. The most common topics have related to ‘healthcare’ and Noble’s Hospital’. Each of these topics must have been raised at well over 100 houses. Douglas Promenade has followed close behind! The absence of some topics from the word cloud, because they have been raised so infrequently, are as interesting as those that have appeared most often. I think that cannabis and abortion added together have been raised at fewer than 10 houses.

I look forward to meeting as many residents as possible in the three weeks remaining. After all …it's about people!

It would be interesting to hear if other candidates see a similar picture.