Paul Craine

Candidate for Middle, Isle of Man House of Keys election 2016

Middle Result
William Bowers 394 (9.7%)
Paul Craine 1090 (26.9%)
Howard Quayle 1205 (29.8%)
Bill Shimmins 1357 (33.5%)

It wasn’t to be… A huge thank you to the 1,090 residents of Middle who gave me one of their votes today! I’m hugely humbled by that support. An enormous thank you to my fantastic support team who signed the nomination paper, delivered letters of introduction, helped to develop my manifesto, produced poster boards, stood at the polling stations today and supported and encouraged me in other ways. Special thanks to Ann, Natalie and Hannah who have lived through this election with me.

It really has been a privilege to stand for the House of Keys. I have enormously valued meeting so many people, enjoyed the process and learned a great deal along the way. Thank you to the people of Middle for their responses, ideas and challenges. I may not have won but I certainly haven’t lost in any sense.

I congratulate Bill Shimmins and Howard Quayle and wish them well as they take on the difficult tasks ahead in the House of Keys and in Tynwald. I would also like to congratulate William Bowers on his campaign.

Tomorrow is a new day and I look forward to what life will bring next.